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  • Sonntag, 11/13/11

    Less is more: Naples surgeon pioneers more natural arthritis relief with custom partial implants (Naples Daily News)

    Karen Hopper had no intention of giving up her beach walks or mountain hikes.

    So when she started feeling stabbing pains in her right knee a year ago, she knew it was time to see an orthopedic surgeon.

    „It stops you short,“ she said of the pain. „We were hiking in Arizona and it started up again.“

    Little did she know that her implant for partial knee replacement surgery could be custom made, based on her anatomy. The precise implant fit means a speedier recovery and preserving more bone for natural functioning.

    „I’m very optimistic,“ Hopper, 69, a retired teacher from Boston, said. „I am very active and fit. I just need to get out there do walks on the beach again.“

    Hopper’s surgery was performed recently by Dr. Howard Kapp, a Naples orthopedic surgeon who offers the custom implant option for patients who are candidates. The surgery was done at NCH Downtown Naples Hospital.

    The overriding factor is that a patient’s arthritis must be limited to one component of the knee, Kapp said.

    In addition, surgery only comes into the picture when conservative treatment — namely medication, injections and physical therapy — hasn’t worked.

    „Five to 10 percent (of patients) would likely be candidates for this type of surgery,“ he said. „The CAT scan really helps you determine if they are. The arthritis, it can be severe, but primarily in one of the components.“

    The custom knee implants are made by ConforMIS, a Burlington, Mass., medical device company that commercially launched the system last year.

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