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  • Sonntag, 3/30/14

    3D relief: Arlington man among the first to receive custom knee implants (Star-Telegram)

    Bob Dean Star-Telegram

    Even after three arthroscopic surgeries, the cartilage in Bob Dean’s knees had deteriorated to the point that even sitting still could be excruciatingly painful. “It was like there was ground up glass inside my knees,” Dean said. “My lifestyle was to the point where I was hardly walking. If I was going to go upstairs,…

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  • Sonntag, 3/23/14

    Custom-made implants offer new possibilities in joint-replacement surgery (Columbia Daily Tribune)

    Knee pain had always been an issue for Irene Sackreiter. „I’ve always been knock-kneed. When you have a misalignment, there is unusual wear and tear on one side of the joint, or arthritis sets in. There’s soft-tissue tear and trauma. It’s just like a snowballing thing,“ Sackreiter said. Five years ago, Sackreiter had one of…

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  • Samstag, 3/15/14

    A New Personalized Solution to Knee Pain Comes to Mansfield Orthopaedics (Digital Journal)

    Mansfield Orthopaedics is pleased to announce that Bryan Huber, MD is the first surgeon in Vermont to offer a new knee implant that is custom-designed for each patient. The implant is designed to treat patients with damage to all three compartments of the knee. “Because it is individually designed to conform precisely to the patient’s…

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  • Mittwoch, 3/12/14

    New knee implant technology reaches Columbia (Columbia Business Times)

    Columbia Business Times

    A knee replacement procedure involving the use of three-dimensional printing to create a map of a patient’s knee is only available in a few markets in the U.S., and Columbia is one of those markets. Sonny Bal, professor of orthopedic surgery at the University of Missouri, said he has done at least 245 knee replacements…

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  • Montag, 2/24/14

    New Technology Allows for Personalized Knee Replacements (Kentucky Doc Magazine)

    Wallace Huff - Kentucky Doc Magazine

    Knee replacement, or arthroplasty, is one of the more common orthopedic procedures performed in the United States, with over 600,000 such procedures performed annually. Most commonly, knee replacement is indicated due to painful and debilitating osteoarthritis, and while this surgery was historically reserved for elderly patients with severe joint disease, knee replacement is becoming more…

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  • Samstag, 2/22/14

    3-D technology yields custom-made knees (Houston Chronicle)

    Before the surgeries, Tim Kauzlick couldn’t stand for very long. He couldn’t play 18 holes of golf, even with a cart. A high school and college football player, he had to give up officiating high school and college basketball games, which he loved. Then, like hundreds of thousands of Americans each year, Kauzlick, now 54,…

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  • Donnerstag, 2/20/14

    Knee and Hip Replacement (WMHT, PBS)

    Over the last decade, advancements in joint replacement have significantly improved the outcome of surgery, relieving pain and giving people of all ages the ability to regain their mobility. On this episode we examine the most common conditions affecting our joints and the latest in treatment options, from hip resurfacing to customized knee replacement. Click…

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  • Samstag, 2/1/14

    Local patient finds new freedom after revolutionary surgery (WPBF-TV)


    Just the mere mention of the word „surgery“ can often generate a flood of emotions, from fear to denial. But now there’s a way to make it a lot easier, a lot faster and a lot less painful.

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  • Freitag, 10/19/12

    ConforMIS Improves its TKR Offering (Orthopedic Design & Technology)

    iTotal G2

    Designed as an alternative to traditional TKRs that come in limited sizes and shapes, ConforMIS’ customized approach precisely matches each implant to the shape and curvature of the individual joint. As a result, the iTotal system allows doctors to avoid many of the sizing and fit issues that can compromise surgical results.

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  • Freitag, 10/12/12

    ConforMIS: iTotal G2 Knee System Available (Orthopedics This Week)

    iTotal vs. TKR

    ConforMIS, Inc. has announced the commercial availability of its iTotal G2 Knee Replacement System, the only patient-specific total knee replacement (TKR) available on the market today. The iTotal G2 incorporates improvements, based on a year’s worth of surgeon feedback, to the implants, instrumentation and patient specific planning guides.

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