ConforMIS Employee Testimonials

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    „I am grateful for the opportunity to work as a co-op at ConforMIS, Inc. The combination of a professional work environment and designing FDA regulated knee implants helped me learn skills and experiences I can apply towards my future career.“


    CAD Engineer Co-op

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    „I love working at ConforMIS because we are doing some ground breaking orthopedic clinical research. It is really exciting to work for a company that conducts research scientifically.“


    Clinical Affairs Manager

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    „I was not actively looking for a new position but 15 minutes into my interview I knew ConforMIS was a visionary company. I feel I am an intricate part of the business and a valued employee.“


    Clinical Research Associate

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    „While working at ConforMIS I have had the opportunity to work in the quality assurance department; working closely with statistical analysis techniques and research on future product development. I have also been given the fortunate opportunity to work closely with the inspection process and work with a lean manufacturing team. I loved working for this company not only for the great experiences but also for the kind intelligent people I have been able to work with. Without people so willing to teach me something I have never learned before or couldn’t learn in the class room, my experience at ConforMIS would not have had such a great impact on my professional development.“


    Quality Engineer Co-op

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    „Listening to patients and surgeons to fully understand their problems and needs as well as using today’s cutting edge technology to address them and improve patient’s wellness were the key factors for me joining ConforMIS.“


    Software Engineer

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    „Truthfully, I have loved working at ConforMIS since day 1. ConforMIS is a smaller company on the forefront of innovation with big dreams, loads of potential and a passionate, talented team. We here at ConforMIS all realize the potential in our products and company and therefore do all we can to contribute towards its growth and success, much like a team working towards a shared championship goal. Regardless of the size of my role I’m made to feel that I am a valuable part of the team and a contributor to the company’s success. Not many people can say that about their role or the company they work for. ConforMIS has been the ideal workplace for me because it is an environment where thinking differently is welcomed and encouraged; my opinion and input is respected; I get to work and collaborate with talented people; and hard work is recognized and rewarded. We keep growing and succeeding as an organization yet these core fundamental traits remain intact. That says a lot about us/ConforMIS and I’m proud to be a part of it.“


    Associate Meeting Planner

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    „I knew I was in for many challenges when I started working here at ConforMIS. Playing a role in implementing manufacturing processes of Patient Specific Medical implants has proven to be exciting and fast paced. Producing a top quality product efficiently in a Patient Specific environment requires utilizing the latest technologies and methodologies. I work alongside many dedicated, intelligent, creative thinking people who use their experience to help make this company grow and succeed.“


    CNC CAM Programming Specialist

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    „Just like the patients for whom we design implants, no two challenges we see every day are exactly alike. The environment at ConforMIS is one that fosters creative and novel solutions for these unique challenges, and I love being a part of it.“


    Design Engineer

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    „I have worked for ConforMIS for a little under three years and in that time I have seen the Company double in size and launch our major product line, the iTotal. The unique challenges that come along with working at a rapidly growing and evolving company has provided me with many opportunities for professional growth.“


    Accounting Manager

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    „It is exciting to play a contributing role in producing revolutionary orthopedic products that are changing the industry as we know it. At ConforMIS, I work alongside hard working and intelligent people who are driven to help both the company and each other grow and succeed. Each day has new challenges that we work creatively, using cutting edge technology, to solve. It is rewarding to solve these problems knowing that it further increases the performance of our top quality products and therefore will create even better outcomes for patients.“


    CAD Engineer

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    „Working at ConforMIS as a CAD Engineer has enabled me to develop my professional skills greatly. Teamwork and problem solving are a part of my daily routine so I am constantly growing and changing into a better engineer. I also do a lot of adapting, because the technology is consistently improving and updating. There’s never a dull moment because every day brings a new knee to design parts for. Or if it’s not a new knee, it’s a new process. Or if it’s not a new process, it’s a new coworker. It’s great being a part of a company that’s improving lives and technology and wants you to improve, too.“


    CAD Engineer

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    „Working at ConforMIS has been a challenging and exciting experience. As a CAD engineer, I work on knee implant design across each of our product lines. Because we offer a patient specific implant, there are new challenges with every design. I enjoy being able to use my skills to contribute to the manufacturing of products that are improving the lives of our patients. Besides being involved with such innovative, cutting edge technology, the aspects of working at ConforMIS that I value most are being part of a dedicated team and being given the opportunities to grow professionally.“


    CAD Engineer

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    „I love working at ConforMIS because ideas are welcome. We are always challenged to improve the status quo. Since working here I have done so much to impact the team and be a productive member of ConforMIS. The impact on people’s lives is inspirational and fulfilling to me.“


    Lead CAD Engineer