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  • Mittwoch, 11/16/11

    7 Points About Personalized Partial Knee Replacements in Surgery Centers (Becker’s ASC Review)

    Patient-specific knee replacements like those made at ConforMIS are designed to fit the anatomy of each individual patient, meaning the shape, size and fit of the implant are based on the articulating curvatures of the knee. Since 2008, most major implant manufacturers, including Smith & Nephew, Zimmer and Johnson & Johnson, have been introducing personalized instruments into the market.

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  • Dienstag, 11/15/11

    The Surgeon’s Corner: Total Knee Replacements (OrthoTec)

    Richard Rosa MD

    Richard Rosa, MD, administrative medical director with The Joint Institute at Saint Barnabas Medical Center (Livingston, NJ), discusses the iTotal patient-specific knee implant and the importance of physician involvement in the device development process. Rosa is the first physician in New Jersey to implant the iTotal and one of only about 20 surgeons nationwide trained to use the device.

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  • Sonntag, 11/13/11

    Less is more: Naples surgeon pioneers more natural arthritis relief with custom partial implants (Naples Daily News)

    Karen Hopper had no intention of giving up her beach walks or mountain hikes.

    So when she started feeling stabbing pains in her right knee a year ago, she knew it was time to see an orthopedic surgeon.

    „It stops you short,“ she said of the pain. „We were hiking in Arizona and it started up again.“

    Little did she know that her implant for partial knee replacement surgery could be custom made, based on her anatomy. The precise implant fit means a speedier recovery and preserving more bone for natural functioning.

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  • Freitag, 11/11/11

    Innovation in Surgery: Getting People Back to Work Faster (FOX Business)

    One company, ConforMIS, along with patient specific instrumentation, has introduced iTotal, a customized patient knee that conforms to a patient’s specific anatomy. The customization is made possible based on CATS or MRIs taken before the surgery.

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  • Donnerstag, 10/27/11

    First Individualized Total Knee Replacement Surgery In New Jersey Performed At Saint Barnabas (

    Richard Rosa, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon with The Joint Institute at Saint Barnabas Medical Center, is the first physician in New Jersey to implant the iTotal CR total knee replacement.

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  • Dienstag, 9/20/11

    Woman Gets Custom Knee At South Fla. Hospital (WBPF-TV)

    A woman in need of a new knee gets a ConforMIS replacement during surgery with Gregory Martin, MD at JFK Medical Center in Atlantis, FL.

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  • Donnerstag, 9/15/11

    Mahmoud Hafez wird Mitglied des wissenschaftlichen Beirats von ConforMIS zur Weiterentwicklung der Image-to-Implant-Technologie

    ConforMIS bekannt dass Prof. Mahmoud Hafez dem wissenschaftlichen Beirat von ConforMIS beigetreten ist. Dr. Hafez ist Professor der Orthopädie und Leiter der orthopädischen Abteilung an der October 6 University in Kairo, Ägypten.

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  • Dienstag, 9/6/11

    Melrose-Wakefield Hospital offering new option for knee surgery (

    John Lynch, MD, an orthopedic surgeon with the nationally recognized Hallmark Health Bone & Joint Program, recently began performing customized partial knee replacement surgery at Melrose-Wakefield Hospital, the only hospital north of Boston offering this procedure. This procedure has many benefits including less time in the hospital, less intense physical therapy and less of a need for prescription medications.

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  • Donnerstag, 9/1/11

    Can Your Knees Be Saved? (More Magazine)

    Why are women more susceptible to knee trouble? “Women’s hips are wider, which places greater pressure on the inside of the knee,” answers Christopher J. Centeno, MD, founder of the Centeno-Schultz Clinic in Broomfield, Colorado. Also, estrogen may make women’s joints looser, and hence less stable, which leads to more wear and tear on the knee. Walking around in high heels is another factor: They usually tilt you forward, which places pressure on the underside of the kneecap, a common site of osteoarthritis. No wonder, then, that women undergo six out of 10 total-knee-replacement operations, according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.

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  • Freitag, 8/26/11

    Champions in Health Care: John Slamin, innovator (Boston Business Journal)

    John Slamin, ConforMIS

    Until very recently, artificial knees did not always fit perfectly. John Slamin, senior vice president of knee implant engineering at ConforMIS in Burlington, has had a lot to do with the “until very recently” part.

    Slamin, holder of seven patents related to knee implant engineering, described iTotal, the newest device from his team, as “the most technologically advanced joint replacement product on the market today, far exceeding what I imagined even five years ago.”

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